Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis Seeds Shipped Inside Australia

Cannabis seeds shipped inside Australia with a 100% no worries delivery guarantee. We ship your cannabis seeds in a very clever and undetectable stealth letter and your local Postie will safely bring your seeds without even knowing that there are seeds inside.

Our most popular Australian Cannabis Seeds this year are Girl Scout Cookies XTRM Feminized and Green Crack Feminized even though the Pot of Gold Feminized Strain is about to take 1st Place this year. She has so much golden THC trichomes covering the entire plant, she looks like a plant bronzed in gold. Her high is soaring and potent, meeting even the demands of the most chronic Australian Stoners.

Cannabis Seeds

cannabis seeds

AMS_Nurse_Crackie_98x134AMS_Rainbow_Kush-98x134Afghan_Feminized_Seeds Afghan_Seeds Amnesia_Trance_Feminized_Seeds Amsterdam_Indica_Seeds Aussie_Blues_Seeds Azura_Seeds Bianca_Seeds Big_Black_Indica_Feminized Big_Bud_Seeds Bob_Marley_Sativa_Feminized_Seeds Bob_Marley_Sativa_Seeds Bonita_Seeds California_Dream_Feminized_Seeds Californian_Skunk_Seeds Caramelicious_Feminized_Seeds Caramelicious_Seeds Charas_Seeds Cheese_Feminized_Seeds Cheese_Seeds Citral_Seeds Crystal_Rain_Feminized_Seeds Crystal_Rain_Seeds Durban_Poison_Feminized_Seeds Durban_Poison_Seeds Dutch_Dope_Seeds Early_Misty_Seeds Easy_Rider_Seeds First_Girl_Seeds Ganeshas_Dream_Seeds Ganja_Dwarf_AUTO_Feminized_Seeds Happy_Outdoor_Mix_Seeds Hawaii-Skunk_Seeds Haze_Feminized_Seeds Haze_Seeds Hindu_Kush_Seeds JamaiCanna_Seeds Le_Fruit_Defendu_AUTO_Feminized_Seeds Le_Fruit_Defendu_Feminized_Seeds Le_Fruit_Defendu_Seeds Lemon_Ice_Seeds Light_of_Jah_AUTO_Feminzed_Seeds Light_of_Jah_Feminzed_Seeds Light_of_Jah_Seeds Maroc_Skunk_Special_Seeds Master_Kush_Feminized_Seeds Master_Kush_Seeds Master_Kush_X_Northern_Lights_Seeds Medijuana_Feminized_Seeds Medijuana_Seeds Misty_Seeds New_Super_Silver_Haze_Feminized_Seeds New_Super_Silver_Haze_Seeds New_York_Diesel_Feminized_Seeds New_York_Diesel_Seeds Northern_Lights_Feminized_Seeds Northern_Lights_Seeds Northern_Lights_X_Big_Bud_Seeds Pride_of_Amsterdam_Seeds Purple_Power_Seeds Shiva_Shanti_Seeds Skunk_Red_Hair_Seeds Skunk_Special_Seeds Strawberry_Ice_Feminized_Seeds Super_Skunk_Seeds Supernova_Feminized_Seeds Supernova_Seeds Tatanka_Seeds Thai_X_Skunk_Seeds TropiCanna_Seeds Waikiki_Queen_Feminized_Seeds White_Queen_Feminized_Seeds White_Queen_Seeds White_Widow_Feminized_Seeds White_Widow_Seeds White_Widow_XTRM_Feminized_Seeds Yoruba_Nigeria_Seeds



We are proud to be Australia’s official cannabis seed supplier for over 18 Years. We have never had a single lost or confiscated package. Our stealth delivery is so safe, you never have to worry. Your privacy is our Number One concern. Please feel safe browsing our online catalogue. Just click on Buy Seeds and start shopping for great bargin’s on Award Winning Australian Cannabis Seeds

We appreciate you as our customer. We look forward to providing you with the best cannabis seed strains for growing in Australia, weather you live in NSW or somewhere in the dust, we have a strain that would suit your needs.

We work hard to make sure each strain is fresh and is always in stock. We also love to send you free seeds on each order.

Our main focus is shipping your products via your local postie. It’s important that you feel safe when placing your order. We want you to have such a great experience before and after your harvest. We are here for you 24 hours a day. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to use our contact page.

We love serving Australians and going above and beyond to bring you the best Australian Cannabis Seeds.

We also need your feedback, so if you have any strain requests or comments please contact us. Your input is so valuable. We might just create a new strain and name it after you.

Our seed bank is Austrlia’s only legit seed bank. We can’t wait to send you your stealth package. If you don’t live in Australia, don’t worry. We ship globally.

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461 comments on “Cannabis Seeds
  1. Dinh in Calamvale says:

    Got them from my postie today, wow that was fast. Thank you, I am so happy now.

  2. jane stewart Homebush says:

    I safely got my “beans” in Homebush, Australia

  3. Ipswich Grow says:

    Service is is what to be expected. They say they delivery safe with 100% guarantee, and they were right, my seeds came packed in a very tricky way, guaranteed you’ll have no problems, it took me forever to just find them and I knew they were hidden in there somewhere.

  4. Alasdair says:

    God Speed delivery to Epping, Australia.

    I am a repeat customer by the way

  5. Hui says:

    I’m a kiwi and they shipped to Kawerau without a hitch, clever packaging too

  6. Rummy L. says:

    Cherrybrook native, happy to report my seeds arrived

  7. Murdock says:

    I was busy this week but found them in my postbox this week. I wasn;t sure on the precise arrival because I didn;t check my mail for a week, but my guess is 5 days from point of ordering online until I got them to Camberwell, Australia , many thanks to your staff for their stealth packaging

  8. Wallace says:

    I recently got my seeds in my hands in City of Parramatta, Australia

    Thank you so much Australian Seed Bank!

  9. Eric Ford says:

    Safe arrival to Northcote, Australia faster than expected. Thanks a lot, you’re the man

  10. Brad Yale says:

    I’m just a bloke in Bankstown suffering from prosrate cancer, I got my seeds from here to grow my own medicine and it works very well for my condition along with the prescriptions, which I have now cut down to less than half my dosage. their green crack strain helped alot with constipation so i use way less opiods and just smoke the green crack for instant pain releif

  11. Lief L. says:

    I live in Norway and I wanted a safe place to order that had the best stealth shipping. I heard about this seed bank because my brothers down under also have super stealth requirements. I chose wisely, as my seeds arrived hidden so well, it’s surprising me how good they could be hide.

    Thank you,


  12. Jack B. says:

    Surrey Hills, my order came, good place to order.

  13. Clint says:

    Fast and painless delivery to Thornbury, Australia. I had no issues with service or delivery from this seedbank, I posted my grow journal on ozstoners, this seed bank has the best Green Crack Bud, top genetics. Legit seed bank for those looking for frieght inside Australia.

  14. Peter in Wynnum says:

    I got my seeds this week, I ordered last week or last week end, I forgot, but delivery speed met my needs. Local posties brought them too, including free seeds, sweet deal mates

  15. Gepps Cross says:

    I got my strains right away, no worries mates. The strain I ordered was superchargerd silver haze and they came with some nice freebies that are feminised. I need them to make my own CBD oil for curing cancer.
    Thanks for taking care of me and my fam

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