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Rainbow Kush is very popular for growing outdoors in Australia for huge yileds. They will sell out soo, so get them while you can!


AMS_Rainbow_Kush-98x134Afghan_Feminized_Seeds Afghan_Seeds Amnesia_Trance_Feminized_Seeds Amsterdam_Indica_Seeds Aussie_Blues_Seeds Azura_Seeds Bianca_Seeds Big_Black_Indica_Feminized Big_Bud_Seeds Bob_Marley_Sativa_Feminized_Seeds Bob_Marley_Sativa_Seeds Bonita_Seeds California_Dream_Feminized_Seeds Californian_Skunk_Seeds Caramelicious_Feminized_Seeds Caramelicious_Seeds Charas_Seeds Cheese_Feminized_Seeds Cheese_Seeds Citral_Seeds Crystal_Rain_Feminized_Seeds Crystal_Rain_Seeds Durban_Poison_Feminized_Seeds Durban_Poison_Seeds Dutch_Dope_Seeds Early_Misty_Seeds Easy_Rider_Seeds First_Girl_Seeds Ganeshas_Dream_Seeds Ganja_Dwarf_AUTO_Feminized_Seeds Happy_Outdoor_Mix_Seeds Hawaii-Skunk_Seeds Haze_Feminized_Seeds Haze_Seeds Hindu_Kush_Seeds JamaiCanna_Seeds Le_Fruit_Defendu_AUTO_Feminized_Seeds Le_Fruit_Defendu_Feminized_Seeds Le_Fruit_Defendu_Seeds Lemon_Ice_Seeds Light_of_Jah_AUTO_Feminzed_Seeds Light_of_Jah_Feminzed_Seeds Light_of_Jah_Seeds Maroc_Skunk_Special_Seeds Master_Kush_Feminized_Seeds Master_Kush_Seeds Master_Kush_X_Northern_Lights_Seeds Medijuana_Feminized_Seeds Medijuana_Seeds Misty_Seeds New_Super_Silver_Haze_Feminized_Seeds New_Super_Silver_Haze_Seeds New_York_Diesel_Feminized_Seeds New_York_Diesel_Seeds Northern_Lights_Feminized_Seeds Northern_Lights_Seeds Northern_Lights_X_Big_Bud_Seeds Pride_of_Amsterdam_Seeds Purple_Power_Seeds Shiva_Shanti_Seeds Skunk_Red_Hair_Seeds Skunk_Special_Seeds Strawberry_Ice_Feminized_Seeds Super_Skunk_Seeds Supernova_Feminized_Seeds Supernova_Seeds Tatanka_Seeds Thai_X_Skunk_Seeds TropiCanna_Seeds Waikiki_Queen_Feminized_Seeds White_Queen_Feminized_Seeds White_Queen_Seeds White_Widow_Feminized_Seeds White_Widow_Seeds White_Widow_XTRM_Feminized_Seeds Yoruba_Nigeria_Seeds


139 comments on “Marijuana Seeds
  1. Brian says:

    I am trying to buy high CBD low THC seeds to produce a tincture/oil for my fight with cancer.
    Can you supply this product.

  2. cam says:

    Hi do you have “Auto Flowering Seeds” I live in Northern Territory and have 12hr of daylight.Id like a strain i can grow outdoors.What strains can you offer?
    Cheers cam

    • admin says:

      Yes we offer many Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds for Australian Climate, just browse our large selection, we even offer Feminized Auto’s

      AK 47 XTRM auto-feminized
      Amnesia Trance auto-fem
      Autoflower Feminized Combo
      Blueberry 420 auto-fem
      Cheese auto-feminized
      Chronic Auto Feminized
      Ganja Dwarf auto-feminized
      Light of Jah auto-feminized
      Northern lights XTRM auto-fem
      White Widow auto-feminized
      White Widow XTRM auto-Fem

      Check back often, we get new Auto strains all th time

  3. Eka Putra Idris says:

    hi, I’m new in melbourne. I hard to find weed. so, I decided to grow it in my room. so what kind of seed you suggest me to grow up indoor?

  4. Shawn W says:

    I grew out the AK 47 last harvest and I had 2 males pollinate and make seeds, I havested the buds when they were ripe, not when the seeds were ripe, so I need to order more seeds from you, i moved to a larger home so i need to update my mailing adress, I forgot to when I placed my order number {**************}

  5. andy indica says:

    dude I made the strawberry ice in 1998. I got some kick ass new ones just now, 28%thc 4%cbd tested. pink/white/red/green/yellow and purple trics. my strains released this season is (affpakXgdpXexodus) big pink/white colas 3foot long grape pheno, but my top shelf limited edition (royal heirloom og) is the best i have ever done. ticks all the boxes, flavor that smacks you in your face with skunky chem phenotypes then the THC creeps you for 2 hours. One cone guaranteed gear, two cones its lights out and I smoke heavy duty weed every few hours. I wont say whats in the royal heirloom but I’m keen for it to hit the market after I stabalize it more.

    Are you interested in adding a few new genetics to your lot and i’ll be your geneologist if you want testing out new combos. I got over 200 original strains from the best breeders around the world. My early girl I got that in 80’s, still got her too. I got htcc cup for the strongest THC strain in 98 for {omited for anonominity reasons} (24%thc) since then its been changed to other variations/names.

    Let me know if you would be interested in trialing my (royal heirloom og) and perhaps adding her later to your list. I also done madscientist X pre98 bubba kush and green crack X purple cheddar and pakistani hashplant x GDP X cheese IT’S BEAUTIFUL.

    bubbleberry,masterkush,caliorange,swissmiss,whitewidow and many more gone to the seed god in the sky.

  6. andy indica says:

    hey i just relized the strains i used to make ice2000 and win htcc cup for highest thc 24% 96 was strains that are all there in your menu: redhairskunkXchitralXwhiterhino( wr is only one missing)and thats how i got to “ice2000″ selective breed over 3 years.

  7. Nicolette D. says:

    the postman arrived with my awaited gift, only took 6 days to arrive, thanks for the speedy delivery.

  8. terra says:

    i would like to buy seeds locally in australia, so that it doesn’t need to be shipped internationally. here it rederects to amsterdam website for purchase. is there possibility to buy localy?

    • admin says:

      The legit way to order seeds is from the link. You cannot come to a shop in Australia and order seeds.

    • Chris Langley says:


      We were in need of large quanities of not for profit medical marijuana for our Melbourne communinity and this site meet all our needs in a professional secretive and discrete manner.

  9. Maureen says:

    My Aussie Blues are in Veg stage and are the strongest and healthiest plants of the 7 strains I am growing.

  10. Olivia N says:

    So excited, my orderred just arrived.

  11. Steve says:

    G’day people I have complex regional pain syndrome & I’m looking for pain relief other than the Mediceal tabs I’m currently useing,I know that I’m only a guinee pig for the so called medical profession to use as their knowledge of cronic regional pair syndrome is very limited.I have had this for 8 years & I was told by specialist MAYBE there might be some thing available in the next 10 years,I’ve all ready been 8 years & cant wait any longer so can u recommend a seed that produces a mild smoke for pain relief as the meds are currently damaging my kidneys etc.waiting your reply Regards Steve

  12. Australian strain in Colorado says:

    Numerous patients in California and Colorado and who prefer your Aussie Blues strain,flowering is perfect in California and doable in Colorado outdoors, indoors is not a problem then it can produce two or more than four harvests in a year. Just wanted everyone to know that their seeds are not just for Australia and can be grown in the USA as well.

  13. Paul says:

    i’m looking for your super strain i read about in the news whats it called and how much? i grow for a lot of old stoners who just tryn to live the rest of their lives in a good high. i grow papa’s og at 24% but you guys are out there. please help a fellow grower thank’s for reading.

  14. hanfsamen shop says:

    Good seeds, dark and fat, no worries, all germinated, aven my 20 free. Lucky me I found your site by chance (stumbleupon).

    I placed another order today.

  15. Tiffany says:

    I got my seeds yesterday, THANK YOU! I was worried but everyone said you are legit, so thanks for being true.
    I read a lot of interesting posts here lately. Probably you spend time growing and responding. Just wanted to say thank you

  16. Sherry Ola says:

    Thanks for the quick delivery, very stealth, no way it wouldn’t of made it! all germed and I am a happy customer.

  17. Joy Morwood says:

    Hello. I live in Brisbane and want to know if I buy these seeds will they get to my house ok through Customs etc?

  18. jess says:

    I was wondering what’s the best seeds to get I suffer from anxiety and depression and it’s to expensive just to keep buying so I wanna grow my own I live in WA and I don’t want the police at my door either is this a scam

    • admin says:

      Everyone has their own preference, and usually a few preferred strains will be used depending on the day, or time of day. So if you need to be productive, you’ll want a more enegetic strain like Haze. If you are just having a bad day and you want to “chill out” and you don’t have anything too overly productive to acomplish, New York Diesel might be a good fit. Kush will make sure you don’t do anything productive.

  19. Ray says:

    I am looking to buy seeds that will produce (in the right conditions) ◾If possible, 1:1 THC:CBD, as THC kills the cancer, CBD kills the cancer’s ability to metastasize.

    What seeds would you recommend in that range for Australian conditions?

  20. Brenda says:

    Hi, need a Indicta strain to grow indoor/outdoor that will make oil for pain relief

    • admin says:

      Mangolicious and Cheese will make yummy oil and work well for pain relief. I prefer to mix Mango made oil for its flavor with 1/4 of the Cheese oil for better pain relief.

  21. Debs says:

    Hi so this goes against alot of common beliefs however it happens to me and I really need to know how to rectify it if possible?so I can continue to otherwise enjoy a pleasent and laid back experience.. so 95% of the time after smoking a j my bloody neck pain flares up. Ive gota slipped disc and arthritis and do daily neck exercises to alleviate the ache however smoking gunga brings it on. Please help me out by suggesting wat strain may cause it and/or wat strain will not have that effect. Im not a drinker or drug taker so won’t give it up regardless but it wod b cool to completely enjoy it. Any suggestions for a neck pain free blaze up wod be muchly appreciated. Thank u

    • admin says:

      Are you in a Physio strengthening program and are you sticking to it? Cannabinoids actually reduce inflammation, so when you say you get neck pain from smoking a J, it doesn’t make much sense, unless you’re fixated and focused on thinking about the pain, or you smoke one after being active and you’re flared up in pain from the increased activity.

      Most people suffering chronic pain smoke at least 4 different strains throughout the day, some Mango for a wake and bake, some haze for the productive days, Cheese for the bad pain days and some Hindu Kush before bed. These are just suggestions, as each person will react differently to each strain and have different levels of activities, socializing, commuting…etc… and need different levels of pain relief. Try different strains until you find what is best for you.

  22. Clive O says:

    My ordered arrived today, no problems. Legit site. Thanks,

    Clive O.

  23. HenryNSW says:

    Fast & stealthily, my seeds arrived to NSW Tuesday. I added water to all my package, and I just checked on them after work now, all 30 prouted (thanks for the 20 free!)

  24. Mel says:

    Guess what I found today in the post? My Christmas present to myself. Faster than expected delivery to Western Australia. Gratitude and Merry Christmas to you!

  25. Eugene Miller says:

    I pulled the trigger and placed my order, I hope it arrives in time for Christmas.

  26. darwin-garden says:

    I received my order to nsw after one week exactly. Great prices and sneaky shipping with 20 free seeds, which were all well hidden in two locations inside the package. The gear is super stealth, and if customs opens them they won’t have a easy time finding the seeds, it took me 5 minutes to get to them all.

  27. Acidney Adam says:

    Me and my mate placed orders the same day. He got his yesterday, and mine arrived today. We both received the same shipping confirmation email, they were shipped the same day, but mine came one day late, i’m not sure how this is possible? his sprouted in 20 hours, he’s here with me now helping me with some vitamin mix thrive stuff to add to the germination water. We both pretty wasted.

  28. darwin-garden says:

    8:30 am here, I just woke up and my babies are sprouting already in just 14 hours.

  29. Fergus says:

    I just placed two separate orders and it was confirmed you will be sending me my freebies. Thank you very much. My father is going through Chemo again after we thought he exterminated it from his body 2 years ago, and I want to find the perfect cannabis for him to help with his pain, with his throwing up, his nerve damage pain that is driving him mad from his previous chemo and with his appetite.

  30. mt. alex says:

    Frankly speaking, they’re the only seedbank I would use for delivery to Queensland. Will definetly place next season’s order with these guys.

  31. kitcatjack says:

    I have been using this site for two years now and the service has always been excellent. Fast delivery, low prices and great freebies. My last order in August was for white widow XTRM feminised, and it was the first time I’ve ever grown using female only seeds. I was so happy not having to deal with male plants, I can’t beleieve it took me this long to make the switch, I was trying to save money you know, because the feminised seeds are a premium, but they save you money so I placed another order today for the cup winning strain AK 47 XTRM Feminized and another cup winner, Amnesia Trance feminized. I hope my freebies will be feminized too.

  32. IRVINE SMITH says:

    my results are in for northern lights. after having my buds for cure for 6 days, we twisted up a joint and burned one. still a bit moist so I added 1/4 of a ciggarette to even out the humidity levels, and it worked perfectly. Very clean and uplifting feeling a second after the first hit. I felt energy and I could feel as one walking in the dirt in my bare feet and in touch with nature. I did some gardening as my mate got the muchies and laid in the grass getting some rays. Not so eventful, but one of the best afternoons I’ve had in a long time.

  33. Paulg says:

    Grass was dry so I made an order here in July because I was tired of drinking Plonk and wanted to satisfy my head craving, so Amnesia was my seed of choice. all 10 grew into lovely ladies, yield was fantastically large, no problems with pests and roo’s were kept away with human hair clipping and urine, they just really ate up the fertiliser starting 2 weeks into veg state. Delievry was very stealth and you won;t have to worry about interception. They are not visible and take a lot of digging to find them inside the “package”

  34. Desmond says:

    Payment by bank transfer was easy. Best stealth I have ever seen man, and I got 20 free seeds with my order. They came in just four days to Perth Australia, Got 100% germination rate on the 15 seeds I germ’d and the 5 day seedlines are healthy, They were a bit slow to answer my first e-mail, but that was during Christmas, so I guess it’s understandable.

  35. Phillip says:

    Yes I agree they offer the best stealth packaging to oz. 1st order was received in about 1 week, second order only 6 days.

  36. HarimSai says:

    Aussie Blue was simple to grow, dense tight nugs, the strain smells like skunk and fresh blueberries. When inhaled, you experience a speedy euphoria that truthfully, is too powerful for me and causes me paranoia. Great powerful sleeping aid, but it also induced me to see some crazy dreams.

  37. O'Connell says:

    got them

  38. Christian Penner says:

    My seeds came on friday (today is early Monday), i germ’d them fri and they are already over 2″ tall and in soil since Sunday morning. Pretty good gentics out of the gate.

  39. Zach says:

    My wife has MS and she also suffers from Migraines. She still needs to keep busy in the mornings, but she also usually wakes up with a migraine 4 out of 7 mornings. she naps around 1pm-2:15pm and then feels her best for the next few hours, then after dinner she is suffering in pain more than the previous parts of the day. Can you recommend a strain for her?

    • admin says:

      Durban Poison Feminized in the Morning and then Cheese Feminized after her nap. These are just suggestions, as each person has their own preference. The Durban Poison will reduce or remove her migraine and give her the energy she needs to be productive in the mornings and after her nap, she will can use Cheese Bud to kill the pain and relax her mind from another migraine creeping up. If she has a really severe migraine she can try White Widow Feminized or Purple Power in the mornings and Northern Light or Sour Diesel in the afternoons. Some medical users even like to find a perfect mix, so you can take 50% Durban Poison and 50% Purple Power, and mix them together to get the right dose of migraine killer and energy. Same goes for sever pain in the late day, you can use cheese 20% and mix it 80% with white widow. Again the percentages will depend on her tolerance and effects from the strains. you have to be willing to try as there is always a perfect solution.

  40. jones says:

    Autoflowering plant for over winter. Very rarely frosts in this area and can protect them with shadecloth like small mango trees. I am near Mackay qld.

    • admin says:

      Here is the list of our auto flowering seeds for you over the Australian winter:

      No # 1 for Australia:

      Blueberry 420 auto-fem

      No # 2

      Chronic Auto Feminized

      No # 3

      Ganja Dwarf auto-feminized


      Light of Jah auto-feminized
      Northern lights XTRM auto-fem
      White Widow auto-feminized
      White Widow XTRM auto-Fem
      AK 47 XTRM auto-feminized
      Amnesia Trance auto-fem
      Autoflower Feminized Combo

  41. Keith says:

    Seeds arrived via Australian Post Sept, 2014, no problems to speak of, delivery was under a week. Made another order Dec 29th, arrived Monday Jan 4th, was impressed with the speed of delivery during the holidays and ordering during a weekend and new years.


  42. Maisie says:

    My husband thought I was the greatest wife when he found his seeds in the mail last week, he took me out to a fine restaurant, our first real date in 2 years.

    • admin says:

      I will have to agree with your husband, I couldn’t think of any other gift that keeps on giving. He is a very lucky man to have you as his wife. Thanks for choosing us as your reliable seed bank and we look forward to helping any needs you may have in the future.

  43. CURTIS says:

    I moved to a new apartment last minute and they tracked down my package in transit and got the new address added, and my package arrived today, I was so worried. The staff at Australian seedbank was very helpful and friendly with me and my seeds are nice and fat.

    • admin says:

      I remember having Anne track down that order for you at the post. Glad you got everything flawlessly. Please order again from us next time you need beans.

  44. Earl the Pearl says:

    Getting my seeds in Australia was easy. Legit seedbank.

  45. Sara says:

    cheers! got’em

    Sara, NSW

  46. Clive says:

    Same here, no problem getting seeds to Australia

  47. Chuck Emmerson says:

    arrival 5 days, cheers!

  48. Tina J. says:

    thank you, my seeds came fast

  49. thewatergirl says:

    Hi I’m looking for a strain for South Australia outdoor with a huge yield up to 3lb if possible? Prefer not a haze or any other strain that takes forever to flower?Something with nice looking buds and nice smoke?impossible maybe?any suggestions?

    • admin says:

      Bianca Feminized, Master Kush Feminized and AK-47 XTRM Feminized are two I can suggest, the Blueberry 420 auto-fem will take an extra week to flower, but the flavor will be more Yummy than the others.

  50. Mistress X says:

    i bought white widow xtrm and my 8 ladies are ready to harvest, overall growth between all my ladies is consistent, the strain is very stabilized, excellent for commercial use. crystal production is really good too. overall, i’d recommend this seed bank very much to other australians.

  51. PJH says:

    I’ve used AMS for my last 3 orders, so being beyond satisfied with their seeds, stealth shipping and freebies I’m happy to leave some feedback for my Aussie mates looking for a safe place to buy seeds in Australia. There are not so many options on the market today if you’re living in Australia and it can be difficult where to put your trust and take your business. All I can say is they did good by me three times now.

    good growing,


  52. Kent Sanderson says:

    I’ve placed my first order here in January, seeds were dispatched 6 hours later and I receieved my package 8 days later somewhere in the middle of nowhere Australia. All seeds I ordered popped and are over 1 foot tall in just a few weeks. I am saving my freebies for later.

  53. Jim says:

    Scoobie Doo, my seeds to amke my own scoopie snacks arrived and no problems.

  54. Sylvia Buckman says:

    How can I buy CBD oil from your website, please.

  55. Levi W. says:

    30 dank seeds arrived unscathed to New Zealand. All sprouted, legit seed bank.


    • admin says:

      We are looking forward to fullfilling your next order and providing you with super fat freebies again. All the best!

  56. Ross Bathurst says:

    You did good by me and I will keep my business with you. After having my other numerous orders intercepted with other seedbanks i’m glad to work with you today and in the future in Australia. You’re a straight shooter.

  57. Caprice says:

    My seeds arrived in due course, there website was easy to navigate and included 20 free seeds which will come in handy. A very good shopping experience and most imporatantly, my seeds arrived safe and well concealed.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for leaving your feedback, you have been a wonderful customer and we hope we can serve you again in the future.

  58. Marcus says:

    Hi, just wondering what kind of strain would be best to grow outdoor in melbourne? and when to stow and harvest?


    • admin says:

      it’s very tough give exact times mate as the weather in Melbourne the past few years seems to be changing all the bloody time. It also depends on your strain. Plant in September and October after frost risk is gone. Planting/germinating seedlings indoors in July ready for Mid-September outdoors is a safe bet. Also depending on which strain you will be harvesting at different times. Late February for early Indica’s, typical Indica/Sativa hybrids in March/April and even into the first week of May for the long flowering sativa’s

      Aussie Blues Feminized and Amnesia Trance feminized would be my two top choices for you in Melbourne.

  59. Axel says:

    Cheers mate! Your products arrived more quickly than I expected.

  60. Emery Jones says:

    My letter arrived in the post today. I had forgotten about the 20 free seeds with every order, so the freebies were a pleasant surprise.

    • admin says:

      You’re the first person I’ve ever heard that forgot he was getting 20 free cannabis seeds with his order. We hope you are happy with everything and that you order again soon. Any questions you have, i’d be happy to answer them for you.

  61. Everyone NSW says:

    A few of us got our orders, AMS is a legit seed bank

  62. wally says:

    Id like to know more about your aussie blue variety ,, did you make that yourself ? whats in it , sounds interesting ?

    • admin says:

      it’s custom made for Aussie climate. He’s a Blue Haze Cross with the Australian Boes Mother “a.k.a. Duck”
      Yummy taste of Azura and then crossed again with our specially selected multiple award winning Jack a.k.a. Light of Jah
      The result after these 4 selections is a Powerful 90% sativa with a lemony smell and grow potentcials of a winner.

  63. Maggie says:

    Godspeed and quality products (seeds)

  64. Issiac W. says:

    Thank you for your fast delivery to NSW, I was in a hurry to get my grow started.

  65. James says:

    Do you sell kangaroo repellent? They gave my garden a thrashing last season. I also heard you can pee and mark your territory to keep them away, but it’s so bloody hot, I just sweat out all my moisture left unable to mark much of an area, so repellent would be helpful as my garden is large.

  66. Eaton says:

    The stork arrived last Friday with my babies, and all 30 have sprouted on this fine Sunday.

  67. Please no says:

    do you still do biz

  68. Oscar says:

    Surprise to me, my seeds arrived in just 24 hours. Fast service. Cheers mate!

    • admin says:

      We strive to deliver and exceed your expectations! We sincerely hope to see you back again, we sent you some amazing freebies, we hope you like them. Please reply back with your grow information if you don’t mind to share. Cheers!

  69. Smith, Mr. James T says:

    Various online payment options allowed for a fast and easy transaction and while I was worried about shipping, they have super stealth or uber stealth method that is really cool, no way anyone would know what you ordered because my wife opened my mail and had no idea. Very cool.

  70. Irwin Blue says:

    g’day and cheers, my seeds came today, yeah! Godspeed

  71. Kim Burley says:

    my white widow and aussie blues seeds arrived with 20 free, i’m a happy customer, everything went smoothly

  72. BobRobPetterPaul says:

    All my seed arrived last season, all 30 seeds in my order pop’d. 28 plants survived, 19 females kept, 31kg of the finest dried herb in all. Placed another order today.

  73. Tracey Whitehead says:

    Good day all, I feel obligated like to leave my two cents after placing my seed order.

    Payment and shopping experience on this site was fine as were available payment options.

    Shipping was very fast and invisible, so you don’t need to worry about, it may take you ten minutes to find your seeds because they are so well hidden, I believe they call it super stealth.

    Moving forward, the quality of the seeds and the strains I grew were high grade. I’ve grown most of my life and the strains can’t be beat.

    Prices are very low for the quality, you may find a slightly better price but you run the risk of getting scammed and you won’t have 100% germination or the genetic quality at the same levels. So your yields would be smaller, plus they give you 20 free seeds of their best strains, so it’s actually the cheapest place to buy cannabis seeds online.

  74. Len Vanderspoore says:

    Thank you for a pleasant product and for being real

  75. Deirdre says:

    I am happy to inform everyone that my post arrived ealier and inside was beyond what was promised. Thank you for an excellent experience, I recommend this seed bank.

  76. Coilin M says:

    Thank you for doing what you say. You delivered on all your promises. My seeds are sprouted for three weeks now, and the plants are very strong and healthy.

    Thanks so much,

    Coilin M

  77. Marshall says:

    I don’t really have anything new to add to the other comments, I got my seeds like everyone else, this seed bank is legit, I had no worries whatsoever mates.

    Marshall NSW

  78. Sean says:

    Hoping I’m not asking the impossible… I’m seeking an outdoor strain, (i can start them indoors and will…,) that ticks all the boxes… huge yield,pretty to look at(bag appeal) and makes a clapping sound.. (the sound of the back of your head hitting your a$$) also a reasonably quick finisher…. (don’t really want to be a bright green beacon in the middle of autumn..)
    Is there such a thing?

  79. Sean says:

    Alrighty then.. lets try again…
    Whats your best yielding highest grade outdoor strain?
    (ill be vegging them indoors)
    hoping for a reply this time…….

  80. BAILEY E. says:

    My order of cannabis seeds arrived with freebies as agreed upon. Great service. I will order again when the need arises.

  81. THEO says:

    I’ve sprouted all the seeds, the Aussie Blue seeds i got as well as the freebie feminised, all seeds sprouted 100% about three weeks ago, and they are already 60 and 55 cm tall. all sprouts have survived, I didn’t know they would grow so strong, i’m amazed. I put a fan on them to help strengthen the stalk so they’ll be ready to plant them all outdoors and make them ready to handle the outdoors, be sure to use a larger pot of soil so it can retain more water as the wind generated by the fan will dry your plants out, keep them hydrated and healthy.

  82. Hollie says:

    I ordered from America, all my seeds sprouted too, fat dark healthy seeds, all of them, excellent quality control at this seed bank, two thumbs way up!

  83. MORGAN says:

    I love their Amnesia Trance. the cluster of tight dense buds, flora flower, excellent aroma, and i grew their Amnesia Trance bud in hydro!!!, Aussie Blues I grew outdoors last year, and i have not been disapointed yet, PURE Dank!!!

  84. REUBEN SMITH says:

    I tried to get email support on the week end, but no reply? I guess you don’t work on Sundays. No worries, my seeds arrived to Perth the following monday, thanks for the quick delivery down under!

  85. peter says:

    I live in sub tropics australia what is the best strain for large yeild high thc. For outdoors

  86. Klein H says:

    I can personally recommend rainbow kush and supercharged silver haze (for CBD oil production) top notch seedbank for those of us in australia

  87. bob says:

    how safe is it to buy seeds of this site????

  88. Max says:

    My overall experience here has been great. Their selection is large enough, they carried all the strains I was looking for and they send me free seeds every time I ordered. The biggest concern for us in Australia is shipping and they delivered, it’s no problem other than you have to look for a very long time to find your seeds in the stealth packaging, no one is going to find the seeds, so its very safe to order here. I’ve had 6 successful deliveries to Cocklebiddy over the past 18 months.

  89. Michael Bailey says:

    beans came last week, the real thing

  90. Aaron McNiel says:

    my babies are flowering strong, oozing in thc, legit site, indoor hydro setup

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